Library News – October

The church’s budget, says Archbishop Justin Welby “is applied theology expressed in numbers.” Now there’s a thought for our PCC!

I have been reading Justin Welby’s book “Dethroning Mammon”. It is not quite what I had expected. Welby does not say that money is unimportant. Quite the contrary, he explains that money is central to the working of human society. But money deceives us. It is because money is important that we need to see it clearly for what it is. What he is showing us is how to handle money, and the power it brings, as Christians.

Mammon, as Jesus called it, and its modern servants Economics and Finance, want to rule not just what we do with money, but how we see the world, and how we relate to each other. Archbishop Welby shows us how to look at ourselves and our values, and shows us how to serve God and not Mammon in how we handle money and see power.

He contrasts God’s truth against Mammon’s lies, God’s generosity against Mammon’s cold calculations, God’s love against the fear that Mammon creates.

This is a discursive book. It wanders around its themes in unexpected ways and is illuminated by unexpected images and Bible passages. It‘s a book I want to read again, to realise fully what Archbishop Welby is showing me, and the tools he is giving me. He wrote it for Lent, but it’s topical right now. I’ve put several copies in the Library. Do take it and read it.

Rosemary Smith

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