From the Rectory – January

If you make a New Years resolution, how long do you think it will last? Is it going to be something of a complete life change, which means you’ll never go back to the previous way of doing things? Or is it something that will likely last no more than a couple of days? A survey from an American University back in 2012 suggested that a surprisingly high 75% of resolutions would last a week, and an equally surprising 46% will go for six months. If you’re younger the chances are better as well. Four in every ten people in their twenties will achieve their resolution, but if you’re over 50, it drops dramatically to below 15%. The list of the top ten New Years resolutions contains the usual suspects, lose weight, quit smoking, stay fit, spend less. My favourite though came in at number 8 – “help others in their dreams.”

I wonder what that actually looks like?

Of all the resolutions on the list, this is the only one that is focussed away from the person who makes it. I’m not suggesting that self improvement is a bad thing, and certainly if we believe that God has created his world for his creation and we should take care of it, then looking after ourselves comes under that remit. Putting the interests of others ahead of our own though is fairly central to the way that Jesus calls us to live. God first. Others second. Ourselves last.

Helping others in their dreams is a fairly elastic resolution. It kind of depends on what the dream is as to whether or not we can actually help in its realisation.

The church as a community of followers of Jesus Christ also has dreams, although we might phrase it more often as ‘vision’. There’s a desire to see our communities transformed, an eagerness to see lives changed, and more than anything, a desperate longing for friends and family to know God in the way that we do. As Saviour and as friend.

May 2018 be a year in which we see that resolution realised.

Happy New Year!

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