From the Rectory – March

I have a coffee mug at home that has some large friendly letters emblazoned on it. Should you have the opportunity to have a drink at the Rectory, you’ll be overjoyed to have the chance of discovering what the words on the mug say. But why wait? I’m not one to hide my light under a bushel. According to the mug I am ‘The World’s Greatest Dad’. 

It’s quite an honour.

The honour is somewhat reduced in the knowledge that there are probably 1000s of other fathers up and down the country who are repeatedly sipping from exactly the same mug. 

Despite that it was a great gift. And I imagine, certainly I hope, that the giver believed every word of it. To a small child, a parent or grandparent can often seem to be the beginning and end of their world. Yes other children have significant adults in their lives. But their mum, or dad, or granny, or granddad, to them theirs is undoubtedly the greatest.

So in one way, my coffee mug speaks the truth. For at least one child I am the world’s greatest dad. I think I’m self aware enough to see where I fall down and fail in the task though. I’m not as patient as I’d like to be. I sometimes don’t listen as hard as I should do. And there are only so many Pokemon or Moshi Monsters (if you have no idea what these are, just ask a small child ) that I can learn the names of before my eyes glaze over. 

This is why sometimes the picture of God as our father fails to hit home in the way that it should. Because unlike me, God never fails. His patience is infinite, he listens to every word we say, and he is interested in us and every thing that we are interested in. He is our perfect Heavenly Father.

The Bible tells us that God cares, that he loves, and that he listens. But it’s not restricted to the words of a book. The love of God is something that we can experience in our own lives day by day. This is the truth at the heart of the Gospel. 

If I had the chance, I think I’d quite happily pass my coffee mug onto him. The one who is without argument or doubt, the World’s Greatest Dad.

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