From the Rectory – September

‘The times they are a changin’ was an attempt by the American songwriter, singer, painter and writer, Bob Dylan, to write an anthem of change for the moment. Which for Dylan was 1964. At the time it was released the single was a moderate hit, squeaking into the top ten. Unlike many of the the songs that charted above it, Dylan’s has had astonishing longevity, has been covered by artists from the Beach Boys to Phil Collins, and was recently voted one of the greatest songs of all time.
The social moral and political upheavals of the 1960s found their voice in Dylan’s song. It not only reflected a sentiment that was already happening, but also anticipated what would come later. 
Change can be exciting, exhilarating and thrilling. But just as easily it can difficult and demanding. Change though is necessary, not for its own sake, but because without it there is only decay. As the American author and lecturer Gail Sheehy said ‘If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.’
Which is all along way round of explaining the changing of the times we will be holding Sunday services in our Benefice of Lawford, the Bromleys and Little Bentley.

The wheels of the Church of England move exasperatingly slowly. Our decision to join together as a single Benefice of three parishes was taken some time back, but the legal niceties have still yet to be completed. Despite this, we have been working more closely together over the past year or so, and it has become clear that we need to change the times and nature of some of our Sunday services to better use our clergy, readers and lay preachers, and to see where God might be working so that we can join in.

From the beginning of September, Sunday morning services at Lawford will be at 8am and 10.30am, the pattern of Holy Communions, Family Service and Morning Worship will remain the same. At St George’s Great Bromley, there will be a traditional service of Holy Communion at 9:15 on the first Sunday of the month, then at 9:15 on the third Sunday a family service. Holy Communion will continue to be on the second and fourth Sunday mornings at 10.30am. Evensong will now be on the fourth Sunday. Services at Little Bentley remain the same!
If you haven’t been to church for a while, or you come regularly, we very much looking forward to welcoming you at one of our services soon.

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