From The Rectory – September

Of all the myriad of applications, or apps, that are now available for Smartphones, there are some that are truly pointless.

“Celebrity Heights” enables the user to see how tall famous individuals such as Barack Obama, Tom Cruise or Madonna are, although why you might wish to know that is a mystery.

“Fan Cooler” shows a video of a spinning fan. The angry messages from those who have bought the app, and were then surprised and disappointed to discover that it doesn’t actually produce a moving breeze, is somewhat disturbing. 

“I Am Rich” was a short lived app for iPhones that displayed a glowing red gem which when pressed displayed the misspelt words ‘I am rich. I deserv it. I am good, healthy & successful’ in large text. As it cost $999 to purchase, only those with more money than sense could buy it. Eight people did.

The ostentatious use of money has something of a history.

But a watch is always a watch. It tells the time whether it’s a £20 Casio analogue timepiece, or a £10,000 Breitling Chronomat. A car will still get you from one place to the other, be it a Ford Ka or a Bentley Continental. A Sunseeker Yacht can set you back millions of dollars, but it won’t be much use on the Norfolk Broads 

Choosing the most expensive option doesn’t just say that the purchaser values comfort, style and good workmanship. It also makes a statement about their attitude to excess and conspicuous wealth.

Speaking to his friends, Jesus drew their attention to how some of the wealthier worshippers at the temple made a great show about their giving as they placed their gifts into the treasury. He contrasted that to a widow who quietly put in two small copper coins. She had given more than the others, said Jesus, as they gave out of their riches but she gave all she had.

Winston Churchill once said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

As far as God is concerned, it’s not about what you have, but what you do with it, and how you go about doing it as well.

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