Library News – April

I’ve just ordered a couple of books for the Library that I think may be fun. Get to know your way round the Old and New Testaments through cartoons!

Jay Sidebotham is an American priest whose first profession was as an animator and cartoonist. He uses his skills now to tell the story of God’s love for us.

He also draws his cartoons to help us take a good look at ourselves in our Church life. Does this look familiar? I hope not.

You can say things in a cartoon, “ Jay says,”that you can’t say in any other way.” So his “The Old Testament from A-Z” and “The New Testament from A-Z” may be lighthearted, but I hope you’ll learn something while you’re laughing.

Cartooning is preaching,” said another cartoonist, Charles M. Schulz, who created Peanuts. Making us stop and think is what a good cartoon does so well.

Have fun! Rosemary Smith

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