Library News – March

I’d like the children’s books to be taken out of the Library. I’d like them brought back again, as well, of course. The books in the Library aren’t there just to keep children happy during the service. They’re there in the same way the adult books are. To be taken away and enjoyed at home. They’re there for the same reasons as the adult books are, too, though they do it differently.
They are there to help our children find their way around the Bible. To find the legends, the law, the histories, the poetry, and the prophets. To help them learn about Jesus and His teaching, and how God redeemed us through Him. And to learn about the beginning of the church.
They’re there to help our children learn something of the nature and the ways of God, of His love, His truth, His forgiveness, how He challenges us and trains us. We want them to learn how to listen to Him and to trust Him, and how to pray.
We want them to understand that there is a spiritual underpinning to our lives; we want books that give them a sense of wonder.
And we want them to learn about the ceremonies of the church, and how they help us to live the life God has planned for us.
I’d like to be able to say we have books do all this. We don’t. But most of our books do some of it. We have books for a wide age range, and how they go about doing all those things is wildly varied. Some don’t do it very well. Some do it so subtly you scarcely notice (think Narnia). Why don’t you look out some books for your children from the Library, and take them home with you? And bring them back. Eventually.
Rosemary Smith

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