Library News – March

Lent is a good time to stop and think. A good time to consider our relationship with God, and maybe to go to an author who will open our minds to some new thoughts or insights. Have a browse through our Library, particularly the shelves labelled “Prayer and Meditation” and “Living the Christian Life” and see what you find there.

I’ve put three new titles into the Library for Lent this year. Two are booklets recommended by the Archbishops, one for the 40 days of Lent, the other for the 40 days from Easter to Ascension, though you could use either of them for Lent. They are in the “Pilgrim Journeys” series, one on the Beatitudes and one on the Lord’s Prayer, both written by Steven Croft, the Bishop of Oxford. They have a reading, a reflection, and a prayer for each day, and will guide you thoughtfully through Lent. I’ve put 10 copies of each in the Library, so please feel free to take one home with you.

The third book is more substantial. It is “Eavesdropping” by Henry Martin. It doesn’t give you prayers, but instead helps you how to pray. Martin “eavesdrops” on conversations Jesus had with people in the Gospels, questions asked of him, pleas for help, insults even, and Jesus’ replies to them, and he looks at how these conversations help us to pray. Are we asking God to solve a problem our way, not waiting for His? Are we bargaining with Him? Demanding magic from Him? How honestly do we look at ourselves as we come to God? All these questions, and how we deal with them come from conversations in the Gospels.

This is the book I shall be using myself through Lent. I’m looking forward to it.

Rosemary Smith

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