Library News – November

How do you build trust? Trust in a person, or a group of people. We are alone indeed if we have no-one we can trust.

We should, as Christians, know that we always have God whom we can trust. That’s easy to say, but do we actually feel we can? How do we learn to trust God?

Trust is something that has to grow bit by bit. It’s not something that arrives in a thunderclap of revelation. It’s not like falling in love. You learn to trust a person or a group by doing things together, work or leisure, over time. Listening to each other. Over time you come to trust yourself to them.

Meeting God can be like falling in love; that moment when you know you are tied to this other person. But building the habit of trusting Him … that takes time. We need to do things together. When we read the Bible we share stories of how He lived and worked with people through two thousand years of history. We need to read it regularly; get to experience God at work. We are talking and listening to Him when we pray. We need to do that steadily over time, as well.

We have in the Library several books that help us build a habit of prayer.

The Rhythm of Life” by David Adam gives you a week of guidance, four short prayer groups a day. “An Everyday Book of Hours” by William Storey gives you a four week cycle of morning and evening prayers.

Norfolk Pictures and Prayers” is less structured. A slim book, each page has a picture of Norfolk life and a prayer arising out of it. It shows us how to pray about what we are seeing and living through.

And, don’t despise it, a children’s book “My Goodnight Bible” by Susan Ling and Kathy Parks. For each day it has a story, a question, a prayer, and a word to take to sleep with you. Not a bad way to learn to trust God.

Rosemary Smith

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