Library News – November

What do you do when you can’t find God? When you can’t hear Him? When you ask a question and get no reply?

He’s there. You know with your mind that He’s there, but your heart is dry and empty, or you’ve asked Him in prayer for guidance, and you’re getting nothing. What do you do?

You carry on, that’s what you do. You pray, and you read the Bible, and, most important, because we are not alone with God, you hang out with other Christians. That means go to church, and read books by Christians. And with neither your head nor your heart, but with your will, you trust God to show himself to you when He sees you are ready.

I’ve been reading a couple of books that show us how to go on, as Christians. They both show us how to live our life in God and to trust Him. One is C. S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”, and the other is Rowan Williams’ “Being Disciples”. Both are in the Library, and I do urge you to read them.

As you’re a Christian already, and belief is not your problem, skip the first two sections of “Mere Christianity”, and start at Book Three : “Christian Behaviour”. You can go back later to the beginning of the book. You can read the chapters of “Being Disciples” in any order you like. But do read them. They’ll show you how to go on.

Rosemary Smith

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