Library News – September

How would you link hermit monks in the Egyptian desert 1500 years ago with Aslan, the Lion of Narnia? Well for a start they’re both Christian things, They’re rather different, perhaps, but both speak of the ways we all experience God. Closer to home, they are both subjects of books by Rowan Williams, and we have both of them in our Library, “Silence and Honey Cakes; the wisdom of the desert.” and “The Lion’s World; a journey into the heart of Narnia.”

I am very taken by Rowan Williams’ books; we have half a dozen different ones in the Library. He has spent much of his life as an academic, as well as being Archbishop, and he knows how to teach. He knows how to draw you into a book, and how to reveal to you new ways of looking at his subject. You get fascinated with what he is showing you, and then suddenly you find you’re deep into theology you never knew you could cope with. But don’t worry. He takes you through on such an interesting journey that you follow safely.

Two books look at the Bible. “Meeting God in Paul” is a really good introduction to the letters of Paul. “Meeting God in Mark” is a must-read introduction to that Gospel. “Being Christian” looks at the four staples of the Christian life – Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, and Prayer, and “Being Disciples” discusses more aspects of the Christian life, like forgiveness and holiness. That one is a collection of talks given separately, as is “Choose Life”, a collection of his Christmas and Easter sermons.

Do take one of these books and read it. I think you’ll be surprised.

Rosemary Smith

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