Funerals at Lawford Church
When a loved one has died, it can be a difficult emotional and confusing time. Christians believe that death is not the end – that Jesus offers us the promise of eternity with God in heaven beyond death. This hope, along with God’s presence and peace, can bring us some comfort.

tombstone_celtic_crossFunerals: At St Mary’s Lawford we are always happy to help with a Christian funeral, whether or not you or your loved one have worshipped regularly in church.
If you need to arrange a funeral, it is best to contact a local funeral directors first. They will liaise with us after which we will contact you to arrange a visit.
It may be possible for your loved one to be buried in our churchyard, and we can certainly bury cremated remains.

Remembering: St Mary’s Lawford is open for prayer everyday during daylight hours. If you wish to light a candle you will find them on a stand next to the book of remembrance at the back of the church. We also have a Bereavement service every year during the autumn. We would welcome you there.

Support in Loss: Meets on the second Tuesday of most months in the church hall. This group is for all those who are grieving. Over tea & coffee they can share with others what they are going through.